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White Label Casino Program:
Profit Through Partnership

Conservative estimates place online gaming revenue in 2014 at $8.2 Billion across approximately 2,000 wagering destinations. Predictions indicate a 22% compound annual growth rate over the next five year period, resulting in revenues topping $22.7 Billion.

Additionally, Peer-to-peer wagering has been the fastest growing segment of the online gaming arena, experiencing 100% growth of the market share from 2003 - 2004. Estimates predict that Peer-2-Peer wagering will dominate nearly 30% of the online gaming market by 2013.

For the past four years, BeTheDealer has positioned itself as the only Peer-2-Peer casino platform available. Since its launch, the Casino has experienced 247% annual growth in gross win, accepting nearly $1 billion in wagers from over 124 countries.

This exponential growth has been due, for the large part to BeTheDealer's extensive affiliate and White Label Casino programs. By sharing revenue, marketing and casino operations with global white label marketers, the Casino has achieved success in penetrating new markets and generating vast profits. BeTheDealer's White Label Casino programs offer you the opportunity to market your own branded version of this completely unique casino software; sharing in all the financial rewards and without any of the risk.

Who Are BeTheDealer?

In January of 2002, BeTheDealer Casino introduced players around the world to a concept never before offered either in a land based or online casino: the chance to play as the dealer.

Patented and protected in over 29 countries, BeTheDealer's software allows players to enjoy casino parlor games as the "dealer" as well as the traditional player role, giving them the opportunity to play and interact directly with other users in a real-time environment. By allowing players to step outside the traditional gaming arena, BeTheDealer's software quickly gained recognition among players and also in the online gaming community.

Casino Software Product

BeTheDealer's downloadable casino software boasts 29 classic casino games and completes in around 90 seconds on an ADSL connection. The initial download is only 2.8M, allowing players to download, register and begin play in less time than an average television commercial break.

Game offerings include 18 separate slots, comprised of single line, multi-line, three reel, five reel, and 6 progressive jackpot varieties. Classic parlor games include Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Casino War, Pai Gow, Caribbean Stud and Video Poker.

Global Marketing Strategy

Quick to identify the profit potential in global markets, BeTheDealer offers it's website and casino software in 14 languages, including English, French, Swedish, Hebrew, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek and Russian. By marketing to players in their native language the Casino increases traffic to its site, resulting in above average financial returns.

Strong Customer Service and Retention Programs

Focused efforts on multi-lingual and multi-cultural customer service and retention programs have resulted in player lifetime values that far exceed the industry standard. BeTheDealer Casino's average retained player value ((Deposits - Withdrawals) * Player Lifespan) is $1,200. The current industry average is $700 per player. The average active player lifetime for an online casino is 3 months, BeTheDealer's average for the same statistic gives a player lifetime of 6 months.

Infrastructure and Licensing

The Casino's gaming license and servers are located in Curacao. Housed in the Island's largest ISP, Cyberluck, BeTheDealer boasts ten dual processor 512 RAM servers, used to power the casino and websites. Security from viruses and hackers is provided by Cyberguard firewalls. In addition, a load balancing solution based on Array Networks prevents against server and connectivity issues.

Tiered Online Affiliate Marketing and Revenue Sharing Program

Marketing partners and affiliates have 24/7 access to real-time marketing statistics via the Casino's online affiliate program. In addition, the tiered revenue sharing program allows marketing affiliates to recruit their own webmasters, creating maximum exposure for themselves while sharing in the additional profits.

White Label Casino Program Overview

The BeTheDealer's White Label Program partners our technology, service and commitment with your ability to market a uniquely branded product. White Label Partners of BeTheDealer are only responsible for driving traffic to their branded casino destination. The remaining casino management details and tasks are supported entirely by the BeTheDealer infrastructure, including maintaining and hosting your website and casino software, customer support and retention marketing, financial processing and advertising banner creation.

Your white label casino will be branded with a name of your choice. The Casino will then "skin" a website and casino software with your name and logo. Any time an update occurs to the website or the software, your white label brand will gain this update as well.

Seamless Support and Customer Care

All e-mails and correspondence sent to your players will be branded with your white label name and logo. Additionally, your players can be targeted with specific retention programs to enhance profitability and player lifespan.

Generating Profits as A White Label

As BeTheDealer handles all casino management details, you are free to focus on driving traffic to your white labeled brand. Profit is calculated on a revenue sharing basis, where you will receive a predetermined percentage of the net win generated by your players, for as long as they continue to play.

Build Your Own Affiliate Marketing Network

You may choose to enlist additional webmasters and marketers to help disseminate your brand. As members of Your affiliate program, you will receive a percentage of the net win generated by their efforts.

Profiting Through Partnership

BeTheDealer has the software capabilities, marketing experience and technological innovations to assist in building your own branded and fully functioning online casino. By leveraging its unique P2P software capabilities and market position, BeTheDealer provides you with all the tools needed to expand your operation into the Web's fastest growing business sector.