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Change your Role - Become a Dealer!

Approximately 3,000 online casinos currently operate in the gambling market. This means that 3,000 casinos create profit with their players.

Players with no strategy or Pros, at the end of the day the casino wins.

How would you like to be the Casino - the Dealer - and no longer just a regular player?

At the 888 Casino, we live by our name. Once you make a deposit, you get credits at double the value of your deposit. You need a certain number of credits and balance to be authorized to be the Dealer.

Interested? Try it now: www.888.com to download the software. The 888 feature is available only for Real Money Players.

How does it work?

As Player, you accumulate 1 credit point for every dollar you place as a bet.

As Dealer, 1 Credit Point is deducted for every 1 dollar bet against you. For example, on a $200 dollar deposit you will receive 400 Credit Points for each game: Blackjack, Roulette, Carribean Stud Poker, Slot Machine, and Video Poker.

You receive 200% on your initial deposit, no matter how high!

Credit Points regulate the selection of dealers and ensure players and dealers are well balanced. Playing as dealer is optional and gives the player some of the favorable odds reserved for the casino. To take credit points into consideration and play as Dealer, you must first play as player; for every dollar bet, you accumulate a credit point. For example, a Player puts a bet of $50 in roulette and decides to double down, with a total bet of $100 on the roulette table. At the end of the round, regardless of if the player wins or loses, he/she gains 100 credit points. When playing as dealer, one credit point is deducted for every dollar bet against you. Using the same example above, a player puts a bet of $50 and decides to double down, with a total bet of $100 on the roulette table. At the end of the round, regardless of if the player wins or loses, 100 credit points are deducted from the dealer.

Credit Points are assigned specifically to each game because the odds for playing are different from game to game. As a result, the number of Credit Points in Roulette differs from those in Blackjack.

888 casino offers the unique option of playing against either a human dealer or against a system dealer. A human dealer has accumulated enough credit points and has enough money in his/her balance to withstand the Player's maximum winnings in a given round, according to the game's limits. For example, a player wants to play as dealer in blackjack. His current balance is $1860, and he has 550 credit points. This means that the player qualifies to play as dealer in Table I (a minimum of 80 credit points and $80) and in Table II (a minimum of 200 credit points and $200), but the player does not qualify to play as the Dealer in Table III (a minimum of 1000 credit points and $1000), since he/she does not have enough credit points.

A system dealer is a computer serving as an automatic dealer of the casino. To ensure that the performance of the system dealer is truly random, BeThe Dealer utilizes a Random Number Generator (RNG). The casino uses the Lehmer RNG, providing absolutely random results.

Years after market introduction, the concept that anyone can be the dealer is still innovative. You win your opponent's money, as you get the house odds.

The unique concept of 888 casino was conceived and created bearing in mind that each player is entitled to receive a fair and equal winning probability when playing in an online casino.

888 casino, unlike any other casino-click or brick-gives each player the option either of playing the traditional role of player as in any other casino or playing as the Dealer and receiving some of the favorable odds reserved solely for the casino. As Dealer you can feel the thrill and excitement (and favorable odds) of being the Dealer. All in all 888 casino bridges the credibility gap between the player and the casino.

888 casino offers the most popular classic casino games including Blackjack, Roulette, Slot Machine, Caribbean Poker, and Video Poker. Advanced image technology and sound and game play provide the excitement and virtual sensation of a real-live casino.

Since the players have the option of playing either as dealer or as player, all the casino games are naturally multi-player games. While playing with another player you may chat and communicate with that player. In addition, every player can choose to play alone against a system dealer.

The transactions for 888 casino are supplied by leading E-Cash companies, such as PayPal, FireCash, FirePay and others, ensuring secure, fast and easy online transaction processing.

888 casino is operated by Casino Village On-Net NV, a registered company in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles and operates under a license granted by the Government of Curaçao. Multilingual 24/7 support is provided by Casiopea Group Ltd. in Cyprus.