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Blackjack Strategy and Card Counting Methods


If the dealer's sum of cards is less than or equal to 16, he MUST hit. Otherwise (if the dealer's sum of cards is more than 16), the dealer cannot hit. In this case, it is possible to follow the strategy guide as described below in order to decrease the dealer's relative advantage to a minimum.

To be specific, the dealer's relative advantage would be less than one percent, meaning that the chance the player has of winning is almost equal to the chance of losing.

Long term use of this strategy and card-counting method (which will be detailed later on this article) can produce a nice profit, until you will be spotted by the casino management.

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If your hand sum is less than 8 always chose to hit.
If your hand equals more then 17 and it doesn't contain any aces or doubles, always choose stand.

Card counting

The card counting method was invented for one thing only: To help the player estimate the odds of winning or losing in the NEXT round. During the CURRENT round, always be mindful of this strategy, but before you decide the primary amount of money you want to bet on the CURRENT round, you should calculate the odds in the NEXT round.

During the game, you will win some or lose some. Make sure that when the card-counting strategy indicates the best odds you increase your bets and when it's vice versa you lower your bets. That is all there is to it.

Here is how it works:
Basically, follow all open cards on the table, it is hard, requires a quick eye and fast thinking abilities, but these abilities can be enhanced with training in a relatively short time.

High cards (Ace, Pictures and 10): Card Equivalent Value = (-1)
Mediocre cards 7, 8, and 9 Card Equivalent Value = (0)
Low cards 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Card Equivalent Value = (+1)

As the cards are dealt, start your count at zero and add the Card Equivalent Values together. If the sum of Card Equivalent Values is positive, the probability of a high-card is better since there are more low-cards on the table. In this case the odds are better for the player because the chance of getting a blackjack is much bigger.

At the same time, the dealer must hit when his card sum is less than or equal to16, so is more likely to hit a high card and fall.
The probability of moves like double down or split is much higher.

If the Card Equivalent Value is high, bet higher.
If the Card Equivalent Value is low, bet low.

That's all there is to it.

In on-line casinos, the use of this method is irrelevant because they shuffle the deck before each round.