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888Casino -
Established, Respected, and still Innovative!

During the last few years, online casinos have taken the gambling world by storm. Approximately 3,000 online casinos are lining up, competing to win the favor of online gaming consumers. While most casinos are using very similar software products from only a limited number of gaming software providers, the offered casino concepts are mostly very uniform. New or attractive casino concepts are very rare.

Since the readers of Gambling Online Magazine voted 888Casino," Best New Software Concept for 2014," the casino has not lost any of its attraction.

Unlike any other online or land based casino, 888 gives every player the option to play either in the traditional role of "the player" as in any other casino or alternatively to play the role of "the dealer" and receive not only a unique experience but also the most favorable odds usually reserved solely for the house.

As the dealer, you can feel the thrill and excitement together with the favorable odds of playing the Casino Dealer in real-time against other players. Almost all the 888 casino games are multi-player games, including Blackjack, War, Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Video Poker.

The unique concept of 888 Casino was conceived and created with the thought that each player is entitled to receive a fair and equal winning probability when playing online. To summarise, 888 casino bridges the credibility gap between the player and the casino.

The 888 platform is still the only software in the world that allows a player to enjoy the role of a dealer with all the concomitant house advantages and house odds. Patents in Europe and the USA are fortifying 888Casino's peer-to-peer gambling technology.

Online gaming newcomers choosing 888 Casino enjoy the guarantee that the option available of playing the role of the dealer increases the odds to a level usually unavailable to the consumer. As a result, the customer gains increased trust in the online casino gaming.

Every ambitious gambler should try this innovative casino concept. Break the monotony of playing in a conventional casino as the player, and become a dealer today at 888 Casino!